Gluten Free Banana Bread and My Life Well Loved

Gluten Free banana bread

Anyone who is familiar with Luv Cooks knows how much I adore banana bread. In my world, banana bread should probably have it’s own Saturday food group pyramid, stacked right above quality coffee and below fresh fruit, complete with a pajama-clad stick figure at the bottom advertising the importance of watching the Cooking Channel as exercise for your cooking muscles. Now this is something I could get behind!

And speaking of muscles, I am so excited to partner with my friend Heather Brown’s site My Life Well Loved for this post! Heather has a knack for succeeding at everything she puts her hand to; seriously, there is nothing she can’t do!; and her blog is NO exception. She is one of the most bubbly, kind-hearted, and energetic people I know, and her passion for life is one of my favorite things about her. She is also a social media wizard and the social media and blogger network director at e-meals.  So not only is she a fashionista, social media consultant, and Pure Barr instructor, she also has a passion for healthy eating.

So click here to visit My Life Well Loved, where you can check out Heather’s fabulous site and find an easy recipe for gluten-free banana bread I am so excited to share (with recipe by My Recipes) and photos by Magen Davis Photography. Enjoy and happy early Saturday!

Gluten Free Banana Bread