Popcorn Recipe Round-up + Taste-Testing a Teriyaki Beef Steak

Lucky Charms Popcorn

Friday is here!!!

This week I decided to throw caution to the wind (literally, the wind noise in the video I am sharing adds something, ummm special, to this week’s post) and share Jake and I’s attempt at taste-testing road trip snacks. Round 1- Jack Link’s beef steak, teriyaki flavor.


HAH! As you can see, we edited out much of our arguing about the ranking system for snacks; I said we should start with the flavor of a wet noodle thrown against a gas station wall as 1; he said that actually would be quite flavorful, so we landed on packing peanut as 1 (?) and a cold Snicker’s ice cream bar after a long summer day as a 10.

Also, I seriously doubt meat glue actually exists (I have the blog! I get the last word! HAH again!)

Ok, moving on! It has been such a fun month of popcorn recipes. I sadly only have one bag of SkinnyPop left at our house, and all of the recipes I’ve made have been eaten. So, just to keep this party rolling, I compiled a list of the Internet highlights so you can have more popcorn fun. Thin mint popcorn, popcorn snack mix, pizza popcorn, YES TO EVERYTHING!

  1. Lucky Charms Popcorn from a Night Owl Blog! Lucky Charms marshmallows + kettle corn + candy melts

Samoas Popcorn

2. Samoas Popcorn from Something Swanky: Popcorn + Caramel + Toasted Coconut + Shortbread Cookies + Chocolate

3. Pizza Popcorn from Naive Cook Cooks: Popcorn + GREAT spices + Tomato Paste + Parmesan + Fresh Basil

Crab Boil Popcorn4. Crab Boil, Ramen and Everything Bagel popcorn from Food Network  Popcorn + 50 FLAVOR OPTIONS!!!

Smitten Kitchen popcorn mix5. Popcorn Party Mix from Smitten Kitchen Popcorn (instead of chex) + Butter + Seasonings + Nuts + Pretzels + Bagel Crackers

Last, but certainly not least….

Thin Mint Popcorn

6. Thin Mint Popcorn from Lolly Jane Popcorn + Crushed Thin Mints + White Chocolate + Green Food Coloring

And, ok, one more- you know I can’t resist a food video!!

Alright, there you are, my fave internet popcorn recipes and an awkward beef steak tasting video full of wind noise.

LOVE YOU GUYS!! Happy weekend XOXO